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You won’t find us providing a whole menu of services here. We do one thing and one thing only: solid local internet marketing based on powerful SEO designed to benefit your business.

People often ask us why we don’t offer other services. The first part of the answer is that they only really work well for specific types of businesses under certain conditions. The second part is it takes away our focus from what we’re truly great at; Search Engine Optimization and Google Domination.

Social Media: Only really good for entertainment based businesses or other similar socially driven businesses. Most businesses end up wasting time and money on poorly run social campaigns. Is your business/products/services something that people talk about constantly or need to talk about to produce sales?
Text Message Marketing: While it may have a higher open rate, the rate is coming down quickly as people start to receive more commercial messages much like emails (think back to the days when people were excited to get emails and opened every single one). Do you still open every single email or delete as many as possible at first glance?
Video Marketing: A good video can do wonders for a business. But the question is how to get people to see your video message. That’s where SEO comes in. Targeting the potential customers in the buying process. Right people and right time. If you want to find a video, what do you do? Type it in Google, right? (like everyone else)
Print Media: Let’s not even go into this one. I will just say the only person I know who still brings in the Yellow Pages into his house is an eBay seller who uses the pages for stuffing boxes.

We have worked with local businesses in a variety of industries in numerous cities and SEO is always key. Having a great SEO campaign can take your business to a whole new level.

The truth is that a lot of these could be good marketing additions under the right circumstances like additional horsepower, new set of tires, or a new paint job on a car. But the bottom line is that bells and whistles don’t make the car.

Attempting to do local internet marketing while relying on only these tactics without a solid SEO campaign is like the proverbial man trying to build a house on sand.

A disappointment waiting to happen.

Instead, be faithful to the fundamentals and you will reap rewards many times over.

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