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Ranking Matters

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. And when it comes to SEO, it all comes down to the rankings. It’s the rankings that influence the clicks and traffic into your site. And it’s the traffic that converts into customers and more revenue for your business. Of course, SEO is not the only way to generate traffic. Ask us how we can generate waves of traffic to your site by next week and put you in the black in a snap.
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Public vs. Private

Due to our non-disclosure philosophy when working with clients, we do not reveal anything about them at any time. We don’t sell your name to boost our ego. That’s the way we started and the way it will always be. When you work with us, your privacy is guaranteed. Though we never ask for testimonials as a policy we always welcome public endorsements should you feel moved to give one. See what some of our clients wanted to say.
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About Us

From the first accidental discovery that local SEO was a “thing” before any other company or internet gurus jumped on the bandwagon, Thomas has been steadily building on his initial success of beating out Toys R Us with his small educational toy store’s website since 2005. Today, he is part of a group of SEO mastermind that is on the cutting edge of new SEO tactics and strategies.