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Power of near instant traffic.
More clicks, more traffic, more business. Your Genie in a bottle.


Lightening Fast Results
Laser Targeted Audience

Patience is a virtue, but some situations just don’t lend themselves to the luxury of patience. Instead, what you need may be just plain-ol’ fast results to get things going. That’s where a properly planned and executed Pay Per Click campaign can really shine. Get your phone to ringing with targeted calls within a matter of a week. Good luck beating that.

Built On Testing
Guesses And Myths Not Allowed

With Pay Per Click, it’s a never-ending test after test to weed out the losers and grow the winners. These can take many forms including keywords, ad headlines, body copy, landing pages, and marketing message. With time and intelligent testing, you can expect results driven PPC campaigns to give you high returns that add to your bottomline or fund other projects.

ppc-scientifically formulated

Scientifically Formulated
Years of Experience, Distilled

What’s better than testing? Already having results from extensive testing. We bring you years of experience of running successful PPC campaigns across multiple niches and many different goals. And through this enriched experience, patterns become noticeable that must be present for campaigns to really “knock it out of the park”. This pattern then, becomes the basis for all our campaigns. Once a campaign gathers enough data, we begin to test different elements to further optimize your campaigns to reduce costs and improve conversion.

Local Targeting
No Fluff, No Waste

Gone are the early days of PPC where you threw everything but the kitchen sink to reach one small target audience. With the ability to zero in on specific areas or cities or even by distance from your place of business, you can now geo-target just the areas you want. In combination with the ability to hone in on the “money keywords”, keywords that indicate people who are close to making a purchase decision, you now truly have the power to be ruthlessly efficient in your marketing. It’s like cherry picking those who are raising their hands wanting your products and services. Happy picking!

scaling up ppc campaign

Scaling Up Your Campaigns
Into A Force of Nature

Once we have a profitable campaign through extensive and continuous testing and optimizing, we then look to start thinking bigger by ramping up the winning ad campaigns. This can be in the form of larger geo-areas, more target keywords, higher frequency of ad impressions, or more aggressive bidding for higher ranking slots. We can help you figure out the best strategy based on your particular goals that will bring in even more calls.

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